US Night Trading Desk

MF & Co. Asset Management offers one of Australia’s only retail US market trading desks.

Our night desk Advisers trade US equity, options and futures through the night from 11pm to 7am AEST.

Our Advisers assist clients to achieve the best execution in the US market.

Unlock a World of Opportunity With US Markets

Whilst the Australian market has a market cap of just under $2 trillion, the US stock market is twenty-one times larger at over $30 trillion USD ($42 trillion AUD).

Trading in the US stock market opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

The world’s best technology, healthcare and high-opportunity stocks are all listed in the US.

US Stock Trading Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle

The main issue with trading in the US is the time difference.

Since Australia is on the other side of the world, investing in the US requires trading from 11 pm to 7 am, depending on daylight savings.

For most investors, trading this timezone is unsustainable.

Our night desk helps clients trade this timezone by executing orders during US market regular trading hours.

Key Benefits of the Service

We help you execute on the US stock market and get the best execution possible whilst the market is open and active.

Most other brokers who can execute in the US market only place limit orders and hope for a fill.

For less liquid markets such as options, this can cause a lot of slippage for your order.

  • We help you with price discovery, execute orders and reduce slippage
  • We help you to execute complex orders such as options that require an open market
  • We provide equity and options trading strategies for you to execute on the US stock market
  • Our night desk operators have decades of experience in executing on the US equity, options and futures markets.

Are you ready to invest in the worlds most exciting stocks in the world’s biggest stock market?

If you are, contact us today.

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