Privacy Policy

Privacy is important to us and we comply with the Federal Governments’ Australian Privacy Principals. Ensure that you understand:

  • We maintain a record of your personal information,
  • How we use your information, and
  • To whom we may disclose your information.

Personal information MF & Co. Asset Management hold

We collect and hold information that is necessary for us to provide you with financial advice and services. The information that we hold depends on the services you use and could include your identity, personal objectives, financial position and financial plan.

In the general advice given, your personal needs, circumstances, goals and financial situation is not taken into account. In considering whether the advice is appropriate, you should consider seeking professional advice from a financial services professional such as a financial planner.

How MF & Co. Asset Management uses your personal information

MF & Co. Asset Management provide general advice only and does not use your personal information to provide advice. Our primary purpose in collecting your personal information is for identification purposes and compliance with legislation only.

Who MF & Co. Asset Management discloses your personal information to

Your information is only disclosed to other parties when it is necessary to provide the services that we provide to you. We will only do this after we have received written consent from you. Additionally, we will disclose your information if we are required by law.

We will not use your personal information in any other purposes other than those for which we have permission for.

How to get access to the personal information held by MF & Co. Asset Management

You may access your personal information at any time by contacting your authorised representative of MF & Co. Asset Management directly.

Requests can only be made for personal information you have provided us and will not include any of our record keeping that has been created by us.

Whilst we will not charge you for making a subject access request for your personal information, we may charge you a fee to compensate us having to collate and make the information available.

Once the request is received, we will endeavour to fulfil your request as quickly and fully as possible.

If we are unable to access your information, we will inform you as to why and where possible we will make alternative arrangements.

How to make a complaint

If you are not satisfied with our privacy arrangements, please contact your authorised representative and we will see to alleviate your concerns within three working days. If you are not satisfied, you may contact:

Director of Compliance
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
GPO BOX 5218
Sydney NSW 1042

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