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Why US Markets

Unlock a World of Opportunity With the  US Markets

MF & Co. Asset Management offers one of Australia’s only retail US market trading desks. Our night desk Advisers trade US equity, options and futures through the night from 11pm to 7am AEST. Our Advisers can assist you in achieving the best execution in the US market.

Whilst the Australian market has a market cap of just over $2 trillion, the US stock market is twenty-one times larger at over $46 trillion USD ($62 trillion AUD).

Trading in the US stock market opens up a new world of opportunity. The world’s best technology, healthcare and high-opportunity stocks are all listed in the US.

The main issue with trading in the US is the time difference. For most investors, trading in the 11pm to 7am time zone is unsustainable. Our night desk is specially tailored to assist you in executing orders during regular US trading hours.



Start With a Free Consultation

The goal of our first interaction is to explore what your investment needs are so that we can provide the right product or service to help you achieve your goal. Some of our strategies include:

  1. High yield, high growth or a mixed focus stock portfolio,
  2. US focused stock portfolio and options strategies,
  3. Income generation through Covered Call or options spread strategies such as Bull Puts, Bear Calls, Butterfly Spreads;
  4. Hedging strategies using Bearish Butterfly Spreads, Bear Puts and Put Options.


Advisor Assignment

We will review and then assign the appropriate Advisor to you to ensure that the Adviser has the relevant qualifications to cover the products and strategies that you require. 


Place Investments Under Advisory

Our next step is to move your assets under advisory to our international partner broker Interactive Brokers (IB). IB is one of the largest brokers in the US and is listed on the NASDAQ with a market cap of over $US25b. 


Advice & Execution

Through our general advice or execution of your trades, your Adviser will work with you one on one to achieve your investment goals. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship between you and your Adviser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my investment safe?

MF & Co. acts as a broker and does not hold any of your investments or cash.

For US and international investments, we use Interactive Brokers (IB), a NASDAQ listed US$25b broker and one of the largest brokers in the world.

For international investments, a custodial solution is required as the ownership structures across global borders is more complex.

However, your assets are held beneficially under your name.

IB is stringently regulated by the SEC and all client funds are segregated and never used for working capital. 


How much does it cost for your services?

Since our clients have such a diverse range of requirements, our fee schedule is not a one size fits all structure.

Our fees are based on your trade frequency, size, instrument, market and general advice or execution requirements.

Please contact us for a first consultation so that we can help determine your requirements and provide you a fee proposal.

What are your returns?

Our returns vary depending on the strategy and the risk requirements of the client.

Conservatively, we have achieved from 10% up to 30% or more per annum depending on the type of strategy and risk utilised. However, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Please contact us for example client account returns.

How will I receive the advice and how are the trades executed?

We provide non-discretionary general advice. This means that we do not place a trade without your explicit permission.

We will contact you via email, phone or SMS depending on your preference with the full details of why we are giving that advice as well as the risk parameters so that you are fully aware of the risk been taken.

You simply have to give us your authorisation and any additional instructions to execute the trade through any of those channels.

As the trade can only be placed at your discretion, if you don’t feel comfortable, simply let us know and the advice will not be executed.

How much do I need to invest?

We generally don’t have a set minimum. However, some strategies are not economical if the initial investment is too small.

For example, more conservative strategies such as income generation through Covered Calls on a blue-chip portfolio generally require a large investment to make it worthwhile.

Strategies with a higher risk level such as through options spread trading can generally start with a smaller investment due to the leverageable nature of the product.

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Timely advice, very informative and well researched.Very positive from a share trading view.
Brendon Beattie
Brendon Beattie
Nice reporting, thank you
Exceptional information that is concise and insightful. Keep up the great work !!!
I feel MF and Co are very informative with their advice and recommendations.
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Norman Wilkins
Good service with frequent emailed share suggestions.
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Peter Farrell
Even I never trade with MF&Co, I watch all of Henry's review and analysis, very impressed with the accuracy and... objective of those thoughts.Of course no one can say what the future will be, but at least when reading those reviews, we know where we are, then sometimes that is the best thing that you can wish more
Vu Nguyen
Vu Nguyen
Excellent service, not pushy, clear reporting highly recommended
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Luke Stewart
Some very useful research
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Richard Goodwin
I very much appreciate the profound stock market research and the peceived honesty.
Easy to understand research for “dummies guide to shares trading”
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Graham Ko
Easily some of the most worthwhile research presented without any bias.
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Tony Miller


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