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AR and CAR Authorisations

MF & Co. Asset Management (AFSL 520442) is a provider of turnkey solutions for Advisers and Advisory companies who are looking to provide general advice.

MFAM specialises in providing the compliance and authorisation framework for Advisers and companies specifically operating under a general advice framework, providing advice in equities and derivatives.

The turnkey solution that MFAM provides allows Advisers to focus attention on providing advice to their clients rather than worrying about compliance and administration of an AFSL.

MFAM provides two types of frameworks for prospective Advisers or Advisory companies.

Authorised Rep (AR) under the MF & Co. Asset Management Brand

If you are RG 146 compliant, have an existing book of clients and would love to join a company with a strong brand, lead flow, marketing and support, we would love to have a chat with you.

Joining MFAM as an Adviser allows you to focus on servicing your clients, whilst receiving access to:

  • External and internal research. Institutional grade, global research from external brokers as well as ad-hoc research requests for specific stocks or industries.
  • Choice of broker. Highly competitive cost to deal and execution through your choice of broker such as CMC Markets, CommSec Adviser Services (Nomura Research Institute), Interactive Brokers, Desktop Broker (Bell Potter) & Morrison Securities.
  • Account opening and administrative support. Assistance with onboarding and account opening to help you transition as easily as possible.
  • Compliance. Training in compliance and meeting of CPD requirements.
  • Brand recognition and marketing. Market and build your personal brand through the company blog (1,000+ visitors a day), media access (commentary through media and ausbiz) and an active Facebook group of over 6,500 members.
  • Lead flow. Access to company lead flow, to help you build your book.
  • Pro derivatives. We are a derivative heavy company, with a strong focus on Australian and US options. We are a firm who does not shy away from trading complex derivative strategies.

Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR)

As a CAR, you have the flexibility of operating and marketing your own brand.

MFAM will provide the execution and compliance framework so that you can focus on servicing your clients and building your brand.

We are also open to collaborating with you to help you build your brand along with ours.

You can also join as a Corporate Authorised Representative under the MFAM brand, to best fit your personal structure.

Why join MFAM?

There are a number of reasons why you should join MFAM

  • Take control of your business. Provided you are working within the compliance framework, MFAM is highly flexible and pro-business. We give you the freedom to explore business opportunities that larger firms will normally refuse to touch.
  • Flexible management. We are always looking to improve our offering and am open to suggestions in terms of provider relationships, service enhancements and efficiencies. We work with Advisers rather than ask Advisers to work for us.
  • Competitive rates. We offer very competitive rates for a turnkey service, allowing you to keep more of what you make and to help you get on your feet as quick as possible.

If you are an Adviser or an Advisory company looking for a new AFSL and have an existing book of clients, we would love to chat with you.


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MF & Co. Asset Management

MF & Co. Asset Management is a boutique investment firm offering Equity Capital Markets and derivative general advice & trade execution services.

We are specialists in advising and trading in Australian and US Equities, Index & Equity Options and Options on Futures.


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